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Therapeutic Behavioral Services Provider

What is TBS?
Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) are short-term mental health services that are provided to eligible clients in need of behavioral support.  TBS behavioral staff aid families by providing supportive one-on-one advice/interventions that are intended to complement existing mental health services.  TBS is intent on preventing unnecessary moves to higher-levels-of-care (high level group-home placement/hospitalization) that can occur due to challenging behaviors and relationship issues.  TBS is also very useful with addressing moves to lower-levels-of-care, such as transitions back to home-of-origin/foster placement. This strength based approach involves a collaborative effort to help children address specific behaviors in the natural home (and other) environment(s) where problematic behaviors are known to occur. Behavioral coaches work in partnership with clients and families to support, instruct, and otherwise promote effective solutions to behavioral issues.

JDT Consultants, Inc. Therapeutic Behavioral Services

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